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Gorilla Reseller Web Hosting Handbook

Dear Reseller,
Welcome to the world of e-business! Gorilla Reseller provides you with all the tools you need to build a strong, prosperous business on the Internet. As a Gorilla Reseller customer, you are in a prime position to establish yourself as a successful reseller of domain names, Web hosting, and the many advanced Web applications included in your product portfolio. No matter which customers you wish to target and which products you promote to those customers, Gorilla Reseller Hosting provides you with the tools you need to succeed. This reseller handbook will walk you through the steps involved in launching your e-business. The handbook will explain the process of building your online storefront, managing your product portfolio, zeroing in on your customer base, optimizing and advertising your business through the Internet’s search engines, and keeping in touch with your customers through powerful e-mail campaigns. You are only a few steps away from putting your reseller store on the Internet road map. This handbook will help you succeed in the Internet’s virtual marketplace.


Gorilla Reseller offers four reseller plans: Basic Reseller, Pro Reseller, Super Reseller, and API Reseller. Each of the plans comes with all the tools needed to build a powerful online presence for your new reseller e-business.


Once you have signed up as a reseller for Gorilla Reseller, you can start building your store and managing your product list. We have created a smooth, professional-looking default storefront Web site for your business. You can customize certain parts of the storefront with the Design Wizard, which you will find in your Reseller Control Center. When you have selected and customized your store design, you may review and edit the products you wish to sell from your store. Gorilla Reseller has compiled a broad, versatile selection of products for your reseller store. This product selection allows your customers to build and retain a solid presence on the Internet, regardless of their individual or businessoriented needs. As a reseller, you may apply your own price tag to the selected products, or you can retain Gorilla Reseller suggested price on the products. If you wish to target a more limited customer base, you can remove a number of products from your reseller portfolio. As an advanced store building option, you can build your very own custom reseller Web site, lay it out as you wish, and link it to your default reseller storefront. You can then apply an SSL certificate to the custom site to protect transactions from intrusion.


Included in your reseller package is a carefully chosen selection of software products that will help you build and boost your e-business. The featured reseller tools are:

Express Email Marketing®

Express Email Marketing is a powerful e-mail campaigning tool that allows you to distribute announcements, promotions, etc. to your customers via professional-looking campaigns. Strictly permission-based, Express Email Marketing complies with the most stringent anti-spam standards, ensuring that your campaigns aren’t mistaken for spam.

Google AdWordsPay-Per-Click Credit

All reseller accounts include a credit for Google’s AdWords pay-per-click (PPC) search engine marketing program. AdWords provides an effective way to ensure that Internet users will find your Web site.

Gorilla Reseller Handbook 2 Gorilla Reseller Handbook 3

The AdWords credit allows you to try the PPC format and see if it works for your business.

Online File Folder

Online File Folder is a safe and convenient solution for file backup, storage and sharing of files and other content pertaining to your reseller store. Password protection and virtually unbreakable, high-grade 256-bit encryption keep stored content safe from tampering.

Traffic Blazer®

An advanced search engine optimization and submission tool, Traffic Blazer allows you to use the Internet’s search engines to your business’ advantage. Traffic Blazer includes site analysis and keyword suggestion tools and allows you to submit your business site to the Internet’s most prominent search engines and directories, including Google, MSN, Yahoo!, and the Open Directory Project.

WebSite Tonight® One-Page Web Site

WebSite Tonight, an advanced, template-based Web site building tool, allows you to build and publish a fully-functional storefront Web site in a few easy steps. WebSite Tonight includes hosting for your one-page site.

Turbo SSLCertificate

A Turbo SSL Certificate – signed and issued by the trusted Starfield Technologies Certification Authority – allows you to protect all transactions on your reseller site with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption). As phishing, pharming and other malicious types of cyber crime continue to infest the Internet, protecting your customers’ sensitive data is critical to the success of your e-business. A Turbo SSL certificate will keep sensitive information safe from intrusion and interception. You may use this SSL certificate to encrypt and secure transactions on a custom reseller site if you decide to build one for your business.


As a Gorilla Reseller reseller you have access to an extensive list of advanced products and services to offer your customers. By default, your reseller product list includes the whole range of Gorilla Reseller software products. But you can offer any combination of the following products and services to your customers:


Defining and registering the right Internet domain is one of the central elements in building an online presence. Gorilla Reseller offers a wide variety of generic and country-specific top-level domains (TLDs) to choose from. As a Gorilla Reseller reseller you will always be offering registration and transfer of .com, .net, and .org domains.


The DomainAlert product line – Monitoring, Backordering, and Investor’s Edge – enables your customers to monitor an attempt to secure registration of any currently registered Internet domain they desire once the domain becomes available. DomainAlert Monitoring will alert the user if and when a monitored domain becomes available, as well as inform the user about changes to the domain’s WhoIs information and registration period. DomainAlert Backordering allows the customer to “backorder” a domain, which means that DomainAlert will attempt to register the domain as soon as its registration expires and it hits the market. The Investor’s Edge edition helps your customer by compiling a continually updated list of expiring domains from which the customer can select the domains he/she wishes to register when they expire.

Domain Forwarding

Domain name forwarding allows your customers to register and point a domain name to another Web address. This means that the customer can register multiple domains, such as variations of a company name, and point them all to the same address. Thus, when an Internet user attempts to access the forwarded domain – by typing the domain into a Web browser, for example – the visitor will be redirected to the Web address to which the domain is being forwarded.

Gorilla Reseller Handbook 4 Masking

Used in conjunction with domain forwarding, masking ensures that the URL in a Web browser’s address bar remains the one that was typed in when the visitor is being redirected. That way, the actual destination address is concealed from the user who only sees the domain name from which he or she is being forwarded.

Private Domain Registrations

Private domain registration protects the identity of the domain registrant by keeping his/her contact information hidden from public view. With a private registration, registration ownership for the domain cannot be traced back to your customer. Private domain registration provides an effective shield against spammers and individuals to whom the registrant does not want his/her identity disclosed. Private domain registrations are managed through Domains By Proxy,®the company whose name will appear in the Whois database.

Business Domain Registrations

Business Registration is a complete online listing that can help increase traffic and make your customers' Web sites visible on the millions of daily searches that take place at numerous registrars. Business card-style listings include business name, address, phone, fax, email, link to Web site, hours of operation and business type (online or brick-&-mortar), and more.


Whether your customers are individual Web site owners or large-scale e-businesses, our hosting plans enable you to meet their needs. Each plan is based on secure, reliable architecture and provides ample storage and data-transfer capability. All hosting plans offer generous disk space and data transfer quotas, free e-mail and e-mail forwarding accounts, as well as MySQL and Access database support. Additionally, hosting customers will have access to advanced traffic statistics through the optional Traffic Facts service.

Traffic Facts

The Traffic Facts service gives Web site owners the power to track and analyze the traffic patterns on their Web sites by monitoring and reporting all activity on the sites. An invaluable tool for e-business owners, Traffic Facts provides detailed insight into Web site visitors’ behavior, including entry and exit pages, referring pages, visitor paths, number of unique

Gorilla Reseller Handbook

5 visitors, as well as the users’ browser and operating system selections.

E-Mail Packages

With our robust, feature-rich e-mail services you can offer your customers secure, personalized, and spam-free e-mail – with a plan that will suit the needs of any business or individual. All e-mail account plans come with free Web-Based Email – our advanced Internet-based e-mail client that incorporates Spam Xploder spam protection technology and SMTP relay. Add-ons like Online File Folder, Online Group Calendar and Fax Thru Email are seamlessly integrated with the Web-Based Email user interface. Built-in anti-phishing measures shield your customers from attempted fraud as e-mail based phishing schemes are intercepted before they reach your customers’ mailboxes. E-mail accounts can be set up to any domain name a customer owns, regardless of where it is registered or hosted. This means that the customer can personalize his/her e-mail address – e.g., name@yourpersonaldomainname.com.

Online File Folder

Online File Folder, which can be conveniently integrated with our Web-Based Email client, provides a safe and convenient solution for file backup, storage and sharing. Password protection and virtually unbreakable industrystandard 128-bit encryption keep stored content safe from tampering. Stored files can be accessed from any Internet-connected computer.


For Sale/Parked Pages allow your customers to quickly put eye-catching content on a newly registered domain. A “For Sale” page enables the user to advertise a domain he/she wishes to sell. Parking a page allows the user to put a “Coming Soon” or similar sign on a registered domain until an actual Web site is placed on the domain.


The key to a successful online presence is successful search engine placement. Traffic Blazer is an advanced, Web-based search engine optimization and submission tool that allows users to analyze their Web site content and optimize their Web pages for the Internet’s search engines. Traffic Blazer provides easy automated submission to several leading search engines, including Google and manual submission to such engines as Yahoo!, MSN, and hundreds of regional engines from across the world.

Gorilla Reseller Handbook 6 C-SITE®

Federal copyright laws protect original works of authorship, including Web site content, programming code, literary works, and music. With c-Site, authors of original content can easily register the copyright on their works and thus obtain indisputable legal proof of ownership. c-Site offers a convenient and simple step-by-step registration process that circumvents the legalese and time-consuming processing traditionally associated with copyright protection.


WebSite Tonight is an Internet-based Web site creation tool that enables users to build and publish feature-rich, professional-looking Web sites in a few simple steps. An easy-to-use turnkey solution, WebSite Tonight guides the user through the entire process of building and publishing a Web site to the Internet. Because WebSite Tonight is built around a large variety of professionally-designed Web site templates, users need no prior knowledge of HTML or Web site design to build professional-looking Web sites.


A Web log (blog) is a popular form of personal, frequently-updated online journal that allows users to easily distribute and collect information and opinion on the Web. The Quick Blog tool allows the user to quickly build and publish a blog thus creating an instant outlet for his/her thoughts, comments, photos, etc. A blog is the ideal venue for conveying thoughts, sparking debate and exchanging ideas on such issues as politics, sports, arts and religion. A blog also enables the user to reach Web-wide audiences through RSS feeds. The richly-featured Quick Blog provides all of the tools necessary to build the blog, distribute and manage content, track visitor feedback, and customize the site according to personal preferences.


A powerful, easy-to-use online tool for building complete, effective e-mail marketing campaigns, Express Email Marketing lets users get their message across to recipients on the Internet. Strictly permission-based, Express Email Marketing campaigns only reach recipients that explicitly opt to receive the Express Email Marketing customer’s promotional material. Built to comply with the most stringent anti-spam laws and Internet standards, Express Email Marketing enables users to create and run powerful effective marketing campaigns – and steer clear of ever being mistaken for a spammer.

Gorilla Reseller Handbook 7 QUICK SHOPPING CART

Quick Shopping Cart lets your customers claim their share of the booming e-commerce industry by allowing them to build attractive and versatile online storefronts in a few quick steps. The program includes Web hosting and comes with a variety of advanced features that allow users to set up and run a successful e-commerce business; including built-in payment options for cash, credit card and PayPal; and integrated shipping services using UPS and the U.S. Postal Service. Quick Shopping Cart even allows users to set up eBay auctions and submit products to the Google-operated Froogle shopping search engine.


While online retail is continuing its explosive growth so, unfortunately, are phishing, pharming, identity theft, and other types of malicious cyber crime. Our SSL certificates – built around stringent, industry-leading authentication measures – allow your customers to secure all online transactions with up to 256-bit encryption. An SSL certificate on a Web site ensures that sensitive data is kept safe from prying eyes. Our SSL certificates are processed, signed, and issued by trusted Certification Authority Starfield Technologies. A Turbo SSL certificate can be signed and issued to a customer in a matter of minutes. High Assurance SSL certificates, which rely on a meticulous, manual authentication process, can be issued in a few hours.


Virtual dedicated servers allow you to cater to those of your hosting customers that need something more than the typical shared hosting format. A virtual dedicated server is the perfect, affordable solution for customers that wish to operate multiple Web sites, traffic-intensive Web sites, gaming servers, or simply want unlimited control of their server space through root (admin) access. Highly scalable, virtual dedicated servers offer many of the capabilities and features of dedicated servers but at a much lower price.

DEDICATED SERVERS A dedicated server provides the user with complete control of server usage and software installation, through admin (root) access to the server. Unlike normal hosting plans, which put many customers’ accounts on a single server, a dedicated server grants its user exclusive rights to the server’s bandwidth, memory and storage space; performance will not be affected by traffic and usage patterns of other customers. Dedicated servers are particularly useful for companies and individuals that run very-high-traffic

Gorilla Reseller Handbook

8 Web sites or applications and thus need the bandwidth, versatility, and consistent performance of a dedicated box. This means that the server can be used for a virtually unlimited variety of purposes, including gaming, database management, and hosting and management of multiple trafficintensive Web sites


Fax Thru Email provides your customers with a quick and affordable means of sending and receiving faxes through any U.S.- or Canada-based Internet connection. A convenient alternative to expensive telephone connections and dedicated fax hardware, Fax Thru Email uses electronic mail to send and receive faxes. To send a fax via Fax Thru Email, the user simply composes the content and attaches it to an e-mail message. Incoming faxes arrive in the user’s e-mail inbox, converted into printable PDF format.


Online Group Calendar is a versatile Internet-based time- and informationmanagement tool that enables users to schedule events, manage resources and share files. Easily accessible from any Internet-connected computer, Online Group Calendar enables the user to view individual calendars for anyone in a group or office, share a calendar with other group members, search an entire group to find times when everyone is free, schedule meetings or events and send invitations online, and share files with other group members.


Invaluable to anyone who wishes to buy or sell a domain name, domain name appraisals provide users with a quick and qualified evaluation of the current market value of a given domain name. Two types of domain appraisals are available: Express Appraisals and Certified Domain Appraisal. An Express Appraisal is based on an automated process that incorporates such factors as the domain’s commercial use, brand recognition, length, top-level domain, presence of hyphen and/or numeric characters and word count. Express Appraisals are completed in two hours or less. Certified Appraisals use the same metrics as Express Appraisals but add a human review by an industry expert to further determine the domain’s value. A Certified Domain Appraisal includes a Certified Domain Appraisal seal, which may be displayed next to the domain listing when/if the domain is auctioned off. Certified Domain Appraisals are completed in two business days or less.

Gorilla Reseller Handbook 9


A convenient tool for any e-business owner, a merchant account allows an e-commerce Web site to process credit card payments. Card authorization and processing are handled seamlessly and automatically during purchase. Statements are generated monthly. Available in three configurations, merchant accounts are built to suit the needs of all types of Internet businesses.


Once you have decided on a reseller account type and signed up for it, it is time to build your actual online storefront. Gorilla Reseller provides a selection of professional-looking storefront Web sites that you can choose from. Once you have selected the desired design for your storefront, you may customize certain elements of the site. The Design Wizard – available from your Reseller Control Center – allows you to personalize your site design by adding images and logos. You can also customize the color selections on borders, page text and links.


A central element in your e-store building is to understand what it is that you are selling and how those products and services can appeal to your customers. Gorilla Reseller offers a wide range of products and services for you to offer to your customers. These products are developed to meet the specific needs of the rapidly-growing Internet marketplace. Because of the large variety of products, it is important that you define your desired customer base for the reseller store. Doing so will enable you to determine exactly what type of products the customers will be needing, and what they will be needing them for. As well, it will increase the chance of successful marketing and advertising campaigns for your store as a clearly defined customer base is easier to reach and appeal to than a very broadly defined one is. The available products and services allow you to build service packages that you can market as turnkey solutions that cater to the needs of your customers. Because Gorilla Reseller wants to ensure that your Internet business is built on a strong foundation, we have pre-selected the full line of software products for your store. Thus, your product portfolio is broad and versatile enough for you to cater to any customer group on the Web – be it a narrowly-defined niche market or a larger-scale, more loosely-defined selection of potential customers. However, if, for some reason, you wish to offer and manage a smaller number of products, you can compile any combination of these products for your reseller portfolio.


Gorilla Reseller provides suggested retail prices for all offered products. However, your Reseller Control Center allows you to set the pricing level you desire on all offered products. Our featured Profit Estimator gives you an excellent idea of the most opportune pricing on your products. Because competition can be hard in this business – domain registration and hosting markets in particular – it is recommended that you spend a little time researching the pricing offered by the companies you expect your reseller store to be competing against.


Gorilla Reseller reseller packages include a selection of tools that will help you in marketing and managing your online business. These tools allow you to get the most out of the Internet’s search engines via organic search engine placement and pay-per-click advertising for your reseller site. Other tools allow you to communicate with and care for your customers through powerful e-mail campaigns. The featured WebSite Tonight one-page Web site credit allows you to build a fully customized one-page site for your business. The included Turbo SSL certificate allows you to secure transactions on the custom site with as much as 256-bit SSL encryption.

Gorilla Reseller Handbook


The Internet as a business venue is booming. An increasing number of consumers do their shopping and other transactions online. Consequently, Internet-based businesses are proliferating rapidly and the online competition for consumers’ attention and wallets is fierce. Nevertheless, the Web holds plenty of room for prosperity for your reseller business. To take full advantage of this expanding market, you need to understand how e-businesses work and how online consumers behave and think. Most important, you need to define a customer base for your reseller store; then take aim at those customers through targeted campaigns and product offerings. The objective should be to build a lasting relationship with your customers, so that they will keep coming back to your store instead of turning their attention elsewhere.


Consumers across the world are increasingly using the Internet for shopping, financial transactions, communication, entertainment, etc. And although fear of phishing, pharming, identity theft and other cyber crimes have some consumers balk at using their credit cards online, significant online security measures can be employed to protect sensitive information and develop customers’ trust in your business. Because the Internet offers virtual storefronts and shopping malls, rather than brick-and-mortar (or glass-and-steel) ones, Internet vendors must ensure that potential customers find their cyber stores among the billions of pages that comprise the World Wide Web. To succeed as an Internet business owner, you must make yourself visible to the customers whom you are targeting. The key to building a solid, returning customer base is to give your customers what they want. Consumers turn to the Internet because it is a convenient – and often relatively inexpensive – alternative to shopping in person. When shopping online, consumers expect easy navigation and quick, smooth transactions when checking out. If your reseller store provides that – as well as the products your customers want – then you are likely to succeed.


As a Gorilla Reseller reseller you will be plunging yourself into a competitive market place. The competition for domain registration and Web hosting customers is particularly fierce. This means that if you are to find a lasting spot for your reseller business on the Internet road map you will benefit from zeroing in on a clear, narrow definition of the type(s) of customers you wish to target with your reseller store. Gorilla Reseller

Gorilla Reseller Handbook

allows you to a wide variety of software products from your reseller store. Once you have decided on the customer type for your business, you can start contemplating how to market your products to the customers you are targeting. Clearly defining a specific customer base, of course, will limit the overall number of potential customers whose attention you are competing for. However, it also means that you will have fewer direct competitors. For example, if you decide to reach out to the bicycling community, then your marketing campaigns – e-mail promotions, pay-per-click advertising, etc. – might emphasize products that cater to customers who wish to build online bicycle stores/portals. Such customers would need the tools to build Web sites, storefronts, user fora, blogs, etc. They would also need SSL certificates and hosting solutions that suit the size and nature of such Web sites. Similarly, if you are a computer game aficionado, you can decide to promote dedicated and virtual dedicated server space to customers that share your passion and would want to launch and host their own gaming servers. Conversely, deciding to focus on customers that simply need Internet domains and Web hosting means that you will be facing off against a number of heavyweight contenders that already have their business infrastructures and names solidly planted on the Web. In other words: If you are marketing products that appeal to a niche of Internet users, you will have fewer customers for your products, but fewer online vendors with whom to share the field. Closely defining your customer base also allows you to launch a focused search engine optimization/marketing campaign for your store. It is considerably easier to attain and maintain a high search engine ranking for very specific keywords and phrases than for generic ones like “domains” or “Web hosting.” As you establish your business online and build your customer base, you can gradually take aim at a broader audience.

Gorilla Reseller Handbook 14


As a Gorilla Reseller customer you have access to the very best online business-building tools we offer. Included in your reseller package is a carefully selected group of products that will help you build your storefront and market your business to customers across the Web. The featured products are:

Express Email Marketing – E-mail campaign tool.

Google AdWords Credit – Startup credit for Google AdWords pay-per-click account.

Online File Folder – Secure, Internet-based file storage.

Traffic Blazer – Search engine optimization and submission tool.

WebSite Tonight One-Page Web Site – Easy-to-use Web site building tools. Includes hosting.

Turbo SSL Certificate – SSL Web server certificate for your custom e-business Web site.

THE TOOLS AND HOW TO USE THEM TO YOUR ADVANTAGE Express Email Marketing Express Email Marketing is a powerful e-mail campaigning tool that allows you to distribute announcements, promotions, etc. to your customers via professional-looking campaigns. Strictly permission-based, Express Email Marketing campaigns can only be sent to recipients that expressly opt to be on your mailing list. This means that Express Email Marketing enables you to share your business announcements, promotions, newsletters, etc. without being mistaken for an originator of e-mail spam. As you build your customer base, Express Email Marketing enables you to build a mailing list of customers with whom you can share your announcements. That way, you can ensure that your customers are continually kept informed about your business and product offerings. For example, if you add a new product to your reseller store, you can inform your customers of this by creating and sending them a promotional e-mail message. Similarly, if you are planning on discounting a product, Express Email Marketing ensures that your customers will be aware of your promotion. As well, Express Email Marketing allows you nurture your customer relationships simply by staying in touch with them. Express Email Marketing features advanced tracking tools that let you monitor results of your campaigns. Intuitive reporting tools tell you how many messages you have sent, how many were opened by their recipients, how many recipients responded, etc. Additionally, Express Email Marketing lets you send marketing emails to your customers based on your product offerings and pricing, and even create and perform surveys of your customer base. Survey results are available in real time through the Response Analyzer as they are completed online.

Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click Credit

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising ensures that you will get your share of Internet traffic. All reseller accounts include a credit for Google’s AdWords pay-per-click search engine marketing program. AdWords provides an effective way to ensure that Internet users will find your Web site. AdWords listings appear as “Sponsored Listings” adjacent to the organic results on the results pages of the Google search engine. An alternative and/or supplement to the demanding, time-consuming search engine optimization, PPC allows you to pay for a top search engine ranking for desired keyword(s). In a nutshell, advertisers (i.e., Web site/business owners) bid for the top ranking for a given keyword. The advertiser that places the highest bid is ensured the top ranking for that keyword. Until he/she is outbid. The second-highest bid is secured the number 2 ranking; the third-highest bid will claim the 3rd spot, etc. Google AdWords – being one of the PPC programs with the farthest reach – can be a very effective e-business marketing tool if used wisely. Bidding on the right keywords at the right time can make your Web site visible to users across the Web. If you are using AdWords without a clear business plan, however, click-through fees can quickly escalate. And there is no guarantee that your conversion rates will make up for the PPC cost. The Google AdWords credit included with your reseller account allows you to scratch the surface of PPC. It enables you to acquaint yourself with the concept of pay-per-click advertising. If you decide that PPC is worth consideration for your particular business, you can then continue your campaign beyond the allotted credit amount.


Online File Folder is a safe and convenient solution for file backup, storage and sharing of files and other content pertaining to your reseller store. Password protection and virtually unbreakable industry-standard 128-bit encryption keep stored content safe from tampering. When you need on-the-go access to any file, Online File Folder is the smart, secure solution. Online File Folder gives you instant access to all your important files and even lets you synchronize files on your computer with the data stored in your Online File Folder.

Gorilla Reseller Handbook 15


The majority of Internet users turn to search engines or directories when searching for products, information and other Web content. Indeed, Jupiter Research estimates that 70 percent of all online purchases originate from a search engine or directory. This means that in order to run a successful e-business your storefront must be prominently listed with the Internet’s leading search engines. Traffic Blazer – an advanced search engine optimization and submission tool – allows you to use the Internet’s search engines to your business’ advantage. Traffic Blazer includes site analysis and keyword suggestion tools and allows you to submit your business site to the Internet’s most prominent search engines and directories, including Google, MSN, Yahoo!, and the Open Directory Project To use Traffic Blazer for your reseller site, simply activate your Traffic Blazer account; then type in the URL of your storefront Web site. You can then activate Traffic Blazer’s spider, which will crawl your site and assess its search engine readiness and provide critical optimization tips and guidance. The built-in keyword suggestion tool helps you find the exact keywords and phrases that will generate the most traffic and profit for your site. Once you have completed optimizing and analyzing your site, Traffic Blazer enables you to submit your site to more than 200 search engines and directories from across the world. Traffic Blazer provides you with the means to successfully promote your business to the Internet community.


Included with your Gorilla Reseller reseller account is a one-page WebSite Tonight credit. A one-page WebSite Tonight offers you a quick and easy means of building your own personal reseller Web site that you can link to your pre-built storefront. If you wish to promote your reseller store on the Internet, building a custom storefront is highly recommended. Reseller-specific templates tie directly to your Reseller Control Center storefront, and a one-page WebSite Tonight Web site lets you optimize the site by adding Title and Meta tags, keyword-optimized copy and Alt attributes to the on-page images. This format also allows you undertake a link-building campaign for your Web site. Your pre-made storefront is already protected with an SSL certificate. You can protect transactions on your custom site with the Turbo SSL certificate credit that is included in your reseller package. To do so, simply use the credit to request the certificate; then install the issued SSL certificate on your one-page Web site. Note that Gorilla Reseller – being your hosting provider for the one-page Web site -– will generate and submit your Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and install the signed certificate on your site once issued.

Gorilla Reseller Handbook

16 If you apply your certificate to a custom Web site that is hosted with a third party, you must generate the CSR and install the signed certificate yourself.


Though the Internet marketplace continues its rapid growth, many consumers still worry that sensitive data will be compromised if they disclose credit card numbers or other personal information online. For e-businesses like your reseller store, the key therefore is to build trust: Running a successful online business requires that your customers trust that your business effectively protects their sensitive information from intrusion and tampering. While there is no one way to effectively shield Internet users from all cyber swindles, an SSL certificate can ensure that security and privacy won’t be breached during transactions on your Web site. A Turbo SSL Certificate – signed and issued by the trusted Starfield Technologies Certification Authority – allows you to protect all transactions on your reseller site with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. Note that your pre-built reseller storefront is already protected with an SSL certificate. The Turbo SSL certificate credit included with your reseller account allows you to run a secure connection to your custom reseller Web site. Keep in mind that Gorilla Reseller – being your hosting provider for the one-page Web site – will generate and submit your Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and install the signed certificate on your site once issued. If you apply your certificate to a custom Web site that is hosted with a third party, you must generate the CSR and install the signed certificate yourself. When your customers trust that their business is safe from harm with you, they are more likely to remain your customers.

Gorilla Cheap Reseller Hosting


As a Gorilla Reseller, you have the opportunity to offer your customers a wide range of industry-leading products and services. The available products are grouped thus:

Domain Registrations and Transfers
Private Registrations and Other Domain Products

Includes Domain Alert monitoring/backordering, Domain Forwarding, Domain Masking
Private Registrations
Business Registrations

Shared Hosting/Email

For Sale Page/Parked Page
Traffic Blazer
Quick Blog

WebSite Tonight
Express Email Marketing
Quick Shopping Cart
SSL Certificates
Virtual Dedicated Hosting
Dedicated Hosting
Fax Thru Email
Merchant Accounts
Online Group Calendar
Domain Appraisals

As a reseller, you can offer every one of these products to your customers. However, you can build your product portfolio on an à la carte basis by removing applicable products from your portfolio. Depending on your customer base, you can consider various ways of promoting product groups as turnkey solutions custom-tailored to suit the needs of specific customer types.

Gorilla cheap web hosting reseller

For example: Customers looking to build and launch an e-business might benefit from such offerings as domain registration, hosting, Quick Shopping Cart, Traffic Blazer, SSL certificate, and Traffic Facts:

Domain registration to obtain a Web address for the e-business.

Business registration to create a complete business listing for the owner of the domain.

Hosting to secure a home for the Web site that resides on the domain.

Quick Shopping Cart to build a storefront.

Traffic Blazer to optimize the Web site and submit it to the Internet’s search engines.

An SSL certificate to secure transactions on the site.

Traffic Facts to help the business owner track visitor behavior on the site. Another example could be a musician/composer who would benefit from the combination of a domain, dedicated server, WebSite Tonight, Online File Folder, and c-Site.

Domain registration to obtain a Web address for the e-business.

A dedicated server to host the site and applicable music/multimedia files for streaming, download, etc.

WebSite Tonight to build a Web site to showcase the work to visitors.

Online File Folder to store, share, and distribute large multimedia files in/from a secure off-site location.

c-Site to register the federal copyright on original compositions. The bottom line is that if you have a clear understanding of who your customers are and what they need, you have a much better chance of optimizing your business by catering to them and ensuring that they stick around, instead of looking elsewhere for their next purchases. Still, as a Gorilla Reseller Reseller you are at liberty to offer any of the products to your customers.

Gorilla Web Hosting Reseller Account


One of the most basic, yet most critical steps in the process of building an e-business is to select and register a domain that will serve as the home of the business on the Internet. In addition to being the – usually – lasting home for an online entity, a domain name very much serves to define the profile of that entity. Many e-businesses are known simply by their domain name – so-called dot.com businesses. Thus, finding the perfect domain name for your reseller business is an important step in your quest for success. Ideally, the domain name should reflect the nature of your business – if your business is carrying a certain message, the domain name can reflect that, too. The perfect domain also is easy for customers to remember, short enough to quickly type into a Web browser, and distinct enough to help you create a unique identity for your store. Ultimately, you may register a domain for your business simply because you like it. However, the following are some of the factors that combine to define the quality/value of a domain name. These are issues that you may want to consider when zeroing in on the perfect domain name for your business.


Generally, keeping a domain name fairly short will make it easier for site visitors to remember and type the name.


A domain name that includes catchy, sought-after and, most important, relevant keywords will help you in the search engine optimization process for your business Web site. Although certain search engines ignore it, others pay much attention to the occurrence of applicable keywords in domain names when ranking the Web pages in their indices.


If any part of your reseller store will generate particular name recognition with potential customers, then, by all means, ensure that that is reflected in your domain name. Note that you – being the domain registrant – must ensure that a given domain name does not in any way infringe on a third party’s trademark.

Gorilla Plesk Reseller Hosting


The .com top-level domain (TLD) remains the most ubiquitous extension on the Internet. Consequently, Internet users likely will expect to see this extension when visiting a Web site. This, of course, also means that .com names are relatively harder to find than less popular extensions – such as .ws or .biz. Because of its popularity on the Internet, it is recommended that you at least consider registering the domain for your business with a .com extension. Other popular TLDs, such as .net and .org, might limit the versatility of the domain, as they may imply a certain type of site residing on the domain. In some cases, a country-code TLD (ccTLD) will be more applicable than a generic TLD. For example, a domain or Web site that contains French or Italian language would be better suited with a .fr or .it TLD than a .com or a .net extension, as ccTLDs tend to be more popular than generic TLDs outside the United States. Obviously, registering other, more specialized TLDs serves its purposes, too. Indeed, using a country-code TLD for your business’ domain serves as a clear, albeit subtle, indication of the nationality of you/your business. As a means of reeling in visitors that type in your store’s domain name, but with the wrong extension, it is worth considering registering not only the desired domain, but also a selection of other TLD variations of the name. For example, it might prove advantageous to own the registration for the .com, .net, .biz, and .us (assuming that the business is based in the U.S.) variations of your domain.


Domains that contain words or phrases that are particularly en vogue may catch potential customers’ attention. However, such domains may lose their value as current trends change.

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Gorilla Reseller offers its resellers a selection of attractive pre-built storefronts for online reseller businesses. You must select and use one of these storefront templates for your Web site. However, you can customize a number of elements on the template to add a personal touch to your site. Your Reseller Control Center’s Design Wizard allows you to change color schemes and images and some text to your template. Selecting and using a pre-made storefront is the quickest and easiest way to get your reseller venture under way. However, a more advanced approach – one you can pursue later on, potentially – is to build your own storefront and link it to the pre-made Gorilla Reseller Web site.

Although Gorilla Reseller’ pre-made Web sites are fully functional as e-stores, you may wish to create your very own storefront that allows you take more comprehensive control of your Web site. For example, as a reseller, you can build a brand new Web site for your store, host it on your own hosting account and domain (different from the ones used for your pre-made storefront); then add Title, Meta tags, search engine optimized copy and links, etc. to it. Note that even if you do this, the links to your store’s product pages, shopping cart, etc. must continue to point to the pre-built Web site and address. Your reseller account includes a WebSite Tonight one-page Web site account, which you can use to build a smooth, professional-looking one-page custom reseller site in a few quick steps.

The WebSite Tonight account includes hosting for your one-page site. If you prefer to build a fully-fledged multi-page custom reseller site, you may do so with your preferred HTML editor/Web site building tool, then place the site on a separate domain and hosting account. Besides allowing you to optimize your site for the Internet’s search engines, choosing this format also ensures that your reseller store does not mimic those of thousands of other Gorilla Reseller resellers who had the very same selection of pre-built storefronts to choose from when they sat up their Web sites. Building a customized storefront thus not only allows you to apply your very own touch to your reseller Web site, it allows you to separate yourself from your competitors by taking aim at the Internet search engines’ top rankings. If you decide to build a custom Web site for your reseller store, you can use the Turbo SSL certificate included with your reseller package to secure transactions on the site with up to 256-bit SSL encryption. Your default reseller storefront is already protected with an SSL certificate.

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The Internet holds immense promise for e-tailers of various kinds. More and more consumers elect to take advantage of the convenience of shopping online. Consequently, businesses continue to mushroom across the Internet to meet the needs of the online consumers. To survive on the Internet playing field and run a successful reseller business online you must know how to reach and attract shoppers. The first step in this process is to define the type of customers you wish to attract. You may wish to target a particular type of small-business owner with your reseller store, or you may want to take aim at individuals who wish to build and post personal Web sites in as few and quick steps as possible. Or you may decide to aim more broadly at anyone who needs an Internet domain or any of the other products you decide to offer at your store.


Once you have defined your desired customer base, you will need to find a way to reach those customers. As the Internet is home to billions of Web pages few users come across particular pages by chance. Instead, the vast majority of Internet users rely on search engines when navigating the Web. Search engines – particularly Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and Ask Jeeves – combine to drive approximately 90 percent of Internet shoppers to their destinations. This means that as an Internet business owner, you must know how to use the search engines to your advantage. Search engines offer two distinctly different means of displaying search results: Organic listings (i.e., the main results of any Internet search) and pay-per-click advertising. The former format relies on the search engines’ proprietary algorithms for deciding the relevance and thus the rankings of indexed content in relation to the search engine users’ search terms. The latter is an entirely bid-based concept in which the Web site owner (aka the “advertiser”) bids for the top ranking for a particular keyword. The highest-paying advertiser gains the top ranking (until outbid by another advertiser) and is charged the bid amount each time a search engine user clicks through the search engine’s link to access the site. Organic search engine rankings are the most lasting of the two concepts – and often the type of search results Internet users trust the most. However, securing top ranking for competitive keywords and phrases ischallenging and time consuming. But it can – and should – be done if you are serious about long-term success for your reseller business. Pay-perclick is a quicker fix, but can be a treacherous concept for advertisers who haven’t considered the potential cost and hatched a sensible strategy for their PPC campaigns.

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COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS Once you have caught the interest of your customers, you need to make sure that you can offer them what they are seeking. For example: If a visitor to your site reached the site by searching for “cheap domains,” you must be sure to actually offer Internet domain registrations at a competitive price. Similarly, if you succeed in attracting customers with very specific hosting demands, it is imperative that you can offer them the complete range of shared, dedicated and virtual dedicated hosting solutions. Another critical element in the building and maintenance of a successful e-business is customer care. Once you have developed and continue to expand your customer base you will need to ensure that the customers are happy with the service you are providing them with so that they will return to your store when purchasing new products and/or deciding whether or not to extend current subscriptions to your services.

Express Email Marketing, which is included in your Gorilla Reseller reseller package, allows you to communicate with your customers through e-mail based newsletters, announcements and attractive marketing campaigns. Express Email Marketing is strictly permission-based, which means that you will only be sending your announcements, etc. to recipients who have agreed to be on your mailing list. This means that the recipients have expressed their interest in your business by opting in. With Express Email Marketing you can take advantage of this by informing your customers of special promotions, discounts, new products, etc. If you decide to compose a newsletter, Express Email Marketing lets you distribute that, too. Furthermore, the program allows you to survey customer interests and preferences and to monitor the responses to the campaigns you distribute. With the right combination of product selection, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and Express Email Marketing you will be in a prime position to attract customers to your reseller business and to ensure that they keep coming back for more.

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85% of all Internet traffic is generated by search engines. This means that in order to build a successful, prosperous online presence for your business, you must ensure that users of Internet search engine can find your Web site. A 2004 survey performed by the Pew Internet & American Life Project revealed that 84% of online Americans have used search engines. In fact, comScore Networks estimates that American Internet users performed about 40 billion Internet searches in 2004. For an e-business, the importance of search engines cannot be overestimated – if search engine users won’t find your Web site, then, likely, no one will. This problem could become very real for business owners who fail to understand the importance of Internet search engines and search engine optimization.

As the Internet boasts several billions of Web pages – and counting – unless your reseller Web site is optimized for and indexed by such search engines as Google, Yahoo! and MSN, Internet users simply won’t know that it exists. Note that search engine optimization primarily is an option if you build your own reseller storefront and link it to a pre-built Gorilla Reseller site. The pre-built sites themselves do not allow you to perform search engine optimization as most site elements cannot be edited. You may use the WebSite Tonight one-page Web site account that is part of your reseller package to build a one-page custom storefront. In order to use search engines as a business tool, you must first understand how they work. The Internet is dominated by four search engines – Google, Yahoo!, MSN Search, and Ask Jeeves, which combine to account for more than 90% of all Internet searches. The first step into the e-business world, therefore, should be to get your Web site listed with these engines. To do so, you can either wait for the search engines to find the site, or you can submit it directly. Because search engines rely on spiders – robots that “crawl” the Internet by following the hyperlinks that connect Web pages – most Web pages will in fact be found – assuming that they are being pointed to by other Web sites.

However, submitting a page directly might save you valuable time as it will ensure that the search engine’s spiders will visit and review that page the next time they crawl the Web. Most search engines allow submission of Web pages at no cost, but some charge a fee for direct submission Having a site listed in a search engine’s index, however, does not guarantee success. The critical part is to ensure that the site is ranked high enough in the search engine(s) to actually be found. Research has shown that the majority of Internet users rarely venture beyond the first one or two pages of search results. This means that very few – if any – users will actually find a page that shows up several pages into the search

Gorilla Hosting Reseller Program

Thus, obtaining a top 10 or 20 search engine ranking for the applicable keyword(s) is the only way to gain Web visibility. This is where search engine optimization comes in.


The term search engine optimization encompasses a number of methods to improve a Web site’s search engine ranking. When optimizing a Web site, you must first define the Web site “keywords”; then weave those keywords into the page content. The keywords are the words and phrases Internet users will type into a search engine when looking for Web content. Search engines look for those keywords in such site elements as page copy, Title tags, and – to a lesser degree – Meta tags and anchor text on internal links. Another important element in the search engine optimization process is link building, which is the process of making sure that other – preferably topically similar – Web sites link to a given site. Though the exact methods vary, currently, all of the major search engines focus heavily on link analysis when determining the importance of a given Web page. This means that the search engines look at the number and, particularly, the relevance of a Web page’s back links (i.e., the links that point to the reviewed site) when calculating Web page rankings. If an originating site offers similar or related content to the one it is pointing to, the link will be rated higher than if the originating site’s content was entirely unrelated. Securing a top ranking with the Internet’s search engines can be a daunting proposition. However, if you dedicate the necessary time and effort to meticulously optimize your Web site, you will eventually reap the fruit of your labor in the form of visitors to your site.

Gorilla Reseller Handbook 26


Although the Internet’s most important search engines all rely on advanced spiders that crawl the Web to review and index content, most of those engines also allow Web site owners to submit their sites directly – a concept that sometimes, but not always, speeds up the indexation process. Most search engines, including Google, Yahoo! and MSN allow submission of Web pages at no cost. Ask Jeeves and certain other engines charge a fee for direct submission. Although a limited number of search engines account for more than 9 out of 10 Internet searches, the Web is home to a large number of smaller search engines, many of which have devoted followings. Those search engines and directories should not dismissed, but as a business owner, you should primarily concern yourself with the top search engines. It is important to understand that search engine inclusion does not ensure a high ranking. However, submitting your site can be a convenient way of getting started with your business, ensuring that the search engines are at least aware of the existence of your Web site.


Next to algorithmic, spider-based search engines, Web directories are the Web surfer’s primary tools when searching for information on the Internet. Directories, therefore, should not be ignored by Web site owners who wish to promote their sites. Indeed, you should make securing a listing with a handful of relevant directories a high priority once you have established your Internet business. Because featured Web sites are arranged topically, Web directories enable Internet users to search for content simply by browsing the applicable directory categories. When submitting a Web page to a directory, selecting a proper category for the page, therefore, is paramount. As a Wild West Domains reseller, you should therefore try to find directory categories that reflect the type of products you are selling from your store. Web directories generally rely on human-compiled material. This means that a human editor will review your Web site and make the ultimate decision as to its inclusion and placement in the directory. Securing a listing in the top Internet directories – the Yahoo! Directory and The Open Directory Project – can be difficult, as the editors can be picky. It is therefore imperative that no parts of your site are under construction when you submit the site to a directory. Many directory editors will refuse to index sites that appear to be unfinished. However, some of the major search engines, notably Google, may reward Web sites whose links are included in the top directories as such links will be considered “quality” back links for the sites in question.

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Because promoting a business online can be both time-consuming and challenging, Gorilla Reseller includes Traffic Blazer with your reseller account. Traffic Blazer is an advanced, Web-based search engine optimization and submission tool that allows you to zero in on the most opportune keywords for your site, build Meta tags, analyze the site, and finally submit the site to a number of Internet search engines and directories. Traffic Blazer even includes advanced tracking tools that enable you to verify that your site has been indexed by the major search engines and check its ranking for applicable keywords. Additionally, Traffic Blazer includes a comprehensive tutorial on search engines and search engine optimization, which will help you understand the dynamics of the Internet’s search engines. Traffic Blazer is a convenient tool that will help you get your site optimized and submitted in a few, easy steps. Note that many search engine optimization actions cannot be performed on pre-built Gorilla Reseller reseller storefronts. In order to optimize your reseller Web site, you must build your own storefront Web site. Included in your reseller package is a WebSite Tonight One-Page Web site credit. You can use this credit to build a customized one-page reseller site for your business. You will then be able to analyze, optimize, and submit the custom site to the Internet’s search engines.

Gorilla Reseller Hosting Account


An alternative and/or supplement to the demanding, time-consuming search engine optimization, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising allows you to pay for a top search engine ranking for desired keyword(s). Your Gorilla Reseller reseller account includes a credit for Google’s AdWords PPC program. Google, however, is just one of several providers of PPC services. The concept can be costly, but has proven invaluable to many e-commerce Web sites whose businesses have received sizable traffic boosts via PPC advertising. PPC may or may not suit your business (and your wallet). The following describes the concept in more detail.


In a PPC program advertisers (i.e., Web site/business owners) bid for the top ranking for a given keyword. The advertiser that places the highest bid is ensured the top ranking for that keyword – until he/she is outbid. The second-highest bid is secured the number 2 ranking; the third-highest bid will claim the 3rd spot, etc. Pay-per-click advertising is offered by a number of companies, including Google (AdWords), Yahoo! (formerly Overture), Kanoodle, and MIVA (formerly eSpotting/FindWhat). Google AdWords results are displayed in the Google search engine, while Yahoo!’s PPC listings are displayed in the Yahoo! search engine. Microsoft recently launched its own paid advertising program that will feed the “Sponsored Sites” area of the MSN search engine. PPC listings are displayed separately in search engines – usually labeled “Sponsored Results,” “Sponsored Listings” or something similar. When a search engine user clicks a sponsored (PPC) link, the advertiser is charged the amount he/she bid for the listing. The click-through fee to be paid by the advertiser largely will depend on the chosen PPC provider and the popularity of the keyword(s) on which you are bidding. The obvious advantage of PPC advertising is that you do not have to worry about optimizing your Web site in order to be listed in the top search engines’ top results. If you are willing to pay for it – and perhaps even engage yourself in bidding wars with other advertisers – then PPC can be an enticing option. However, unlike organic search listings, which are free of charge – obtained through continual search engine optimizing – and lasting, PPC click listings disappear as soon as you stop paying for them. Many large-scale e-businesses rely on a combination of paid advertising and targeted SEO.

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Since Google reinvented Internet search with the introduction of its PageRank concept, link analysis and link building have become increasingly important elements in the search engine optimization process. Link building is the process of making sure that other – preferably topically similar – Web sites link to your site. Though the exact methods vary, all of the major search engines currently focus heavily on link analysis when determining the importance of a given Web page. This means that the search engines look at the number and, particularly, the relevance of a Web page’s back links (i.e., the links that point to the page) when calculating rankings. If an originating site offers similar or related content to the one it is pointing to, the link will often be rated higher than if the originating site’s content was entirely unrelated. Similarly, if the Web page from which a link originates is rated highly by the search engines, then the link itself will be considered more important than one that originates from a lower-rated page.

In other words: not all links are created equal. Generally, Web sites that contain unique, informative or otherwise eyecatching content will eventually be linked to by other sites. However, because you, as a Gorilla Reseller reseller, are one of a very large number of providers of Internet domain registrations, Web hosting, etc. your Web site likely will not contain much unique content. It is therefore strongly recommended that you take a proactive approach to your link building efforts. Using the Internet’s search engines is a good starting point for zooming in on the Web site owners you should consider approaching for your link building efforts. By visiting a search engine and typing in a keyword that ideally would lead to Web sites that are similar to yours the search engine will return a list of matching sites. Generally, the best-ranked matches are the ones most likely to generate the most effective links. Having perused the results, the next step is to visit the sites and attempt to convince their administrators to provide the desired links. There is, of course, no guarantee that a particular Web site owner will add a requested link. There can be many reasons that a Webmaster might decline to do so. For example, he/she might refuse to link to an obviously competing site. Or, the site’s owner may not be interested in being affiliated with other sites. Another reason could be that the site is already providing several outbound links and is not interested in adding to the count. Thus, sometimes you will have to look for links someplace else.

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Some search engines, including Google, incorporate links from Web directories into their ranking calculations. This means that having your reseller site listed in such directories as the Open Directory Project (aka DMOZ) and Yahoo!’s directory may boost your ranking in algorithmic search engines. To obtain a directory listing, you must build a site whose design and content are enticing or informative enough to convince the directory editors that they should add your site to the respective directory indices. Note that because you cannot apply proprietary content to a pre-built Gorilla Reseller reseller storefront, you may want to consider building a customized reseller Web site that you can populate with optimized content before submitting it to the Web’s directories.

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As an Internet business owner you will need to cater to your customers’ needs. One way of doing so is to keep in touch with them to ensure that they know that you care about them. Express Email Marketing, a versatile and easy-to-use e-mail marketing tool, is included with your reseller account. Express Email Marketing gives you the power to reach out to your customers through e-mail announcements, product promotions, newsletters, etc. In addition, you can use the program to create and perform surveys of your customers’ preferences and level of satisfaction with your services. Staying in touch with your customers not only ensures that they are aware of any promotions you may be running or new products you are adding to your portfolio, it also means that those customers are more likely to think about you next time they plan to purchase a type of product that is offered in your store. Building a solid customer base gives you a significant edge in the competitive e-business world.

Communicating with and caring for your customers allows you to maintain that edge. Express Email Marketing includes a wide selection of professionally designed templates that let you build dazzling, eye-catching campaigns for your customers, as well as send marketing emails to your customers based on your product offerings and pricing. And the featured reporting tools let you keep an eye on how the recipients respond to your campaigns. Because electronic bulk mail – i.e., spam – is a persistent pest for many Internet users, Express Email Marketing is carefully built to comply with stringent anti-spamming standards thus ensuring that your e-mail campaigns will not be mistaken for spam once they reach your customers’ inboxes. In essence, Express Email Marketing only allows you to distribute your campaigns to recipients who expressly opt to be featured on your mailing list. All outgoing messages will include the recipient’s opt-in date and the option of discontinuing further messaging by opting out.

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Many Internet users still balk at making online purchases as they fear that disclosing their credit card numbers and other sensitive information online will lead to credit card theft – or even identity theft. Only if your customers trust that their credit card numbers and personal information will be kept safe from tampering can you run a successful online business. While those are genuine concerns, you as a business owner can go a long way toward obtaining your customers’ trust by securing all transactions on your site with an SSL certificate. Your reseller account includes one Turbo SSL certificate, which you may install on your Web site along with a Site Seal to provide visible proof that transactions are properly safeguarded. Note that your default reseller storefront is already protected with an SSL certificate. If you build a customized reseller Web site, you can apply a separate SSL certificate to that site. An SSL certificate enables you to establish an SSL-encrypted connection between the site visitor’s Web browser and the server that operates your Web site. Depending on Web server software and browser type the encryption level generally is 128-bit, but can reach 256-bit in some instances. Our SSL certificates are signed and issued by trusted Certification Authority (CA) Starfield Technologies – one of the fastestgrowing names in the industry.

A Turbo SSL certificate can be issued within minutes of you submitting a request. The CA will verify that the requester indeed controls the domain for which the certificate is being requested. The request will also undergo an advanced fraud-screening step. While Turbo SSL certificates provide ample security for any Web site, our High Assurance Certificates take the authentication process even further by manually verifying the identity and business credentials of the certificate-requesting authority. A Turbo SSL certificate will include the common name of the Web site the certificate protects. A High Assurance certificate further includes the name of the certificate holder. At a time when cyber theft is an unfortunate but very real threat to anyone that uses the Internet, securing e-business Web sites with SSL certificates is imperative – indeed, savvy Internet users expect to see a padlock icon when entering a supposedly secure site. Once installed on your custom Web site, the included Turbo SSL certificate will help protect you and your customers against theft and intrusion. It will also help you build and retain your customers’ trust.

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Online File Folder, included with your reseller account, is a safe and convenient online storage solution that allows you store and access up to 10GB of data in a secure location, accessible anytime, via any Internetconnected machine. With its easy-to-use synchronization feature, Online File Folder allows you to always access the most recent version of any file that is stored both remotely and locally. Password protection and virtually unbreakable industry-standard 128-bit encryption keep stored content safe from tampering. Online File Folder allows you to share or e-mail any stored file. This means that with Online File Folder you will never be constrained by the attachment-size restrictions of your e-mail provider/ISP. You can send your files to anyone, anytime, regardless of their size.

Gorilla Reseller Handbook 34


Now that you know how to build your reseller storefront, compile your product portfolio, optimize your site for the Internet search engines, and stay in touch with your customers, you are all set to launch a successful e-business venture. As you build a solid customer base and continue to cater to your customers, you are building a strong, lasting foundation for continued success as a reseller of Gorilla Reseller products and services. The virtual Internet marketplace is a competitive business venue, but as a Gorilla Reseller reseller you have all the tools you need to prosper.

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